Beauty Related Skin Disorders

This article discuss about the below beauty related skin disorders and the methods to cure them.

Dry skin is an increasing problem day by day. Unsuitable skin hygiene, such as excessive washing, use of soap, excessive routine skin washing and lack of moisturisation, excessive UV exposure, use of air conditioning, Poor nutrition and Changes related to the maturity of the skin.

Sunburn is a red, painful burn caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. The ray's burn through the cells in the outer layer of skin, causing damage to the underlying blood vessels. In severe cases of sunburn, blisters may occur. As the skin heals, dead cells flake and peel away.

A mole is a harmless collection of pigmented cells. Moles tend to be tan, brown, or black, and may have even or uneven borders. They most commonly develop on the chest, back, face, and scalp and they tend to be hereditary. They are rarely cancerous though changes in a mole may be the first sign of skin cancer. Some moles are congenital and these types of moles are better left untreated.Elevated moles can be treated.

Freckles are small, pigmented spots that are commonly found on the face, hands, arms, and other parts of the body usually exposed to the sun. Freckles are most often found on those with fair complexions and they develop through exposure to the sun, often coming and going with sun exposure and the seasons.

Acne, the most common skin condition that commonly occurs in teenagers undergoing hormonal changes, which stimulate oil production. It is also common in women who take contraceptives high in the hormone progesterone. Acne may be hereditary and may be aggravated by stress. In acne, a sebaceous gland within a hair follicle overproduces oil, which irritates the follicle's lining. The excess oil also causes bacteria trapped in the follicle to produce a substance that causes cells lining the follicle to clump together. Pressure builds in the pore, pushing up a plug of trapped oil and debris to the skin's surface. If the follicle is open, a blackhead, or open comedone, if the pore is tightly closed, a whitehead, or closed comedone, occurs.

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